| Browse Luxury Apartments In Denver Based On The Various Neighborhoods
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Browse Luxury Apartments In Denver Based On The Various Neighborhoods

luxury apartments in denver

Browse Luxury Apartments In Denver Based On The Various Neighborhoods

There are plenty of neighborhoods in the Mile High City that feature luxury apartments in Denver. As a matter of fact, there are so many that you might want to scope out the neighborhoods first. Then you can begin searching out listings for luxury apartments in Denver CO. It will not only help you find the right place to live, but it will help you start getting to know the city a little before you settle down.

When you look at neighborhoods, you can search out the percentage of renters vs owners. This tells you what you can expect in a neighborhood. To be quite honest, when getting a luxurious apartment, it might be best to find a neighborhood that is predominantly full of owners. You might not find as many listings, but when you do find one you like, you might end up really liking that type of neighborhood.

One popular choice for neighborhoods in the Mile High City is Country Club. According to one source, 22 percent of the people that live in that neighborhood are renters. The median rent is $1700 dollars, and that tells you that there are some luxurious apartments there for sure. This neighborhood ranks #2 when it comes to safe places to live in Denver, best places to live and also best places to raise a family.

When looking at luxury apartments in Denver, Hilltop is another great neighborhood choice. Median rent is right above $1600, and 41 percent of the people that live there are renters. Hilltop ranks #8 in terms of neighborhoods for raising a family, and it ranks #9 for best neighborhoods to live overall.

West Highland is up next, and it is #11 in terms of best places to live in Denver. Millenials might like this neighborhood, as it’s ranked #16 for places for millenials to live in Denver. As you can see, there are all kinds of statistics that can help you figure out more about neighborhoods in Denver CO. Approximately 40 percent of the people that live in West Highland are renters, and the median rent is just shy of $1200.

The median rent in City Park is under $1000, so perhaps you could find a luxury apartment for cheaper if you picked that neighborhood. Approximately 61 percent of the people that live in City Park are renters. City Park is another great place for millennials, and it also ranks highly regarding best neighborhoods for raising a family.

One more popular neighborhood to mention is Capitol Hill. The average rent for this neighborhood isn’t too high, just over $1100. That’s still expensive enough, but you are looking for luxury apartments after all. You will have to check out these neighborhoods if they sound exciting to you. There are also plenty of others that might be of interest. Find the best luxury apartment in Denver, and then you can look forward to signing the lease and moving in. Which one of these neighborhoods best fits what you are looking for?